Toronto to New Orleans and Back – Route Planned!

After many changes and much Google Maps finnicking (is that a word?) we’ve locked in the planned route to New Orleans from Toronto.

On August 25th Brent and Pam will leave Toronto on ‘Nora’ (Brent’s Kawasaki Vulcan Classic) to meet Buck (recently returned from China for a short visit and monster trip through the U.S.A. before returning to China indefinitely) in New York City.

After tearing up the town for a couple days, the group will leave NYC en route to Roanoke, Virginia via Skyline Drive through Shenandoah National Park and Blue Ridge Parkway in George Washington National Forest for a total of 847 km’s (526 miles).

Day 2 takes us through Cherokee National Forest and the Great Smoky Mountains and Chattahoochee National Forest with potential stops at ‘Mountain City’ in Cherokee National Forest and ‘Hot Springs’ in the Great Smoky Mountains, with our final destination in Calhoun, Georgia, for a total of 742 kms (461 miles).

The third day of the trip has us arriving in New Orleans after crossing through Birmingham, Alabama, and De Soto National Forest and across Interstate 10 bridge in to New Orleans! A 842 km day (523 miles). We’ll be staying on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans for three days.

After a three day stay in New Orleans we’re heading up the Mississippi River in to Memphis, Tennessee, where the group will spend one last night together before parting ways – Buck to continue his trip around the U.S.A. and Brent and Pam back to Toronto, Canada, to prepare for their trip to the West Coast of Canada.

The entire time we will be posting on Twitter, Facebook and posting videos to our YouTube page. If you haven’t already, follow us on twitter, join the Facebook page, and subscribe to our YouTube channel!


A BMW S1000 RR pulling the oldest trick in the world …

Well, the warm beginning of March here in Southern Ontario has caught many riders by surprise, but we are happy to take advantage. Have a great and safe 2010 riding season!

Here’s a nice little video of a BMW S1000 RR pulling the oldest trick in the world …

Nice circuit just North of Oshawa

What an awesome week for riding! Best consecutive weather this season, I’d say. So I’ve been exploring the country roads just north of my new home and found a nice little circuit yesterday. Some fast straights, hilly country roads, sweeping turns and slow sharp turns, all accompanied by beautiful rural Ontario scenery. A word of warning: some of these turns are pretty sharp and there is sand/gravel on  the road in some spots. Ride with caution! Check out the map and directions here!

The season approaches …

Needless to say, Ontario motorcycle riders are getting anxious. I’ve already seen several motorcycles on the road (what are you, crazy?) but the weather remains too unstable to warrant breaking out the bike. This week has been particularly crazy:

On Monday the high was -9 degrees celsius (15.8 degrees fahrenheit). Friday it is projected to reach 11 degrees celsius (51.8 degrees fahrenheit). A 20 degree swing in 5 days! Unbelievable.

Anyways, I just thought I’d post a picture I recently came across online. It is a play on the “Little Red Riding Hood” theme. Thought I’d share it here!


Now I can’t find the original link to this so if you know please leave it in comments. Cheers!