Why we stay wide on the road

There is no shortage of video clips out there of bike accidents. Many can be attributed to idiot motorcyclists, many can be attributed to idiot car drivers. To me, the best thing to take away from watching such videos is an understanding of what went wrong, how it might have been prevented, and then consciously adopting that in to your riding habits.

I hate drivers who can’t keep their vehicles in a 10 foot wide lane. And this is a prime example why you leave yourself enough space while riding to respond to emergencies.


92% of drivers will obey Ontario’s Impending Cell Phone Ban

Someone recently wrote me:

I hate people who use cellphones in their car. Almost got hit myself by a guy talking on his. He somehow made a bad maneuver and veered to the right in my lane and I couldn’t do anything as I was in full traffic. I so wanted to kick his fucking car with my boot.

Cellphones here are prohibited on the road, and for a good reason. Some people just can’t drive. Some don’t even know it. And some combine their inability with their cellphone use and this is the result.

I’ve had similar experiences. On the 401 I had a car start to turn into my lane while the driver was on the cell phone. I honked until they saw me. They kind of shrugged apologetically and turned back. I was none to pleased. And the one accident I have been in, I think – although I can’t be certain – that the girl was on her cell when she rear ended me.

That is why I was somewhat taken aback when I read a CBC story indicating 92% of Ontario drivers intend to obey the ban on cell phones while driving. According to their findings in the age group of 18-34 fourteen percent stated they would continue to use their hand held device. To me, that is the age group that causes the most concern. I can’t stress enough the importance of being aware of other drivers and where their attention is focused. If you are driving a car, instead of checking your mirrors and blind spots for other cars, check them for motorcycles. And stay off your cell phone or buy a headset!

And if you are on your motorcycle, do not follow this guys example: