Easy Rider

Well, this video is actually terrifying. A couple motorcyclists are riding along a country road when they come across a pickup truck. Cue video:

Reminds me of that scene from Easy Rider:


Why we stay wide on the road

There is no shortage of video clips out there of bike accidents. Many can be attributed to idiot motorcyclists, many can be attributed to idiot car drivers. To me, the best thing to take away from watching such videos is an understanding of what went wrong, how it might have been prevented, and then consciously adopting that in to your riding habits.

I hate drivers who can’t keep their vehicles in a 10 foot wide lane. And this is a prime example why you leave yourself enough space while riding to respond to emergencies.

Video of the Motorcycle Trip in Chinese Countryside

The final edit of my trip across Beijing on “Mafan,” my Jincheng 250. The song is “Girl is on my Mind” by the Black Keys. Also be sure to check out our Youtube page, RubberOnRoad08,  for some of our other videos, and future Rubber on Road video updates! Hope you like it!

Twyn Rivers Drive

An awesome, if short, ride through the Rouge Valley in Pickering. Very steep hills, lots of twists, a single lane bridge, and plenty of spots to stop and hike through this Provincial Park.

GoPro Hero Cam – North Oshawa Circuit

Yesterday I went for a cruise along my North Oshawa Circuit and thought I’d turn the goPro Hero Cam on. The following is a vid I cut together of the highlights of the route:

Music is DJ Shadow – “Building Steam with a Grain of Salt”

GoPro Hero Cam – Airport Rd at Dusk

Last year I bought a GoPro Hero Helmet Cam (standard definition, 3mp I believe) while shopping at an outdoor gear store. I never got much chance to use it … until now.

On April 5th Buck and I headed up to one of our favorite rides north of Toronto, dubbed the “Airport Road Ride” (see previous post here). Because of work we couldn’t get up there till dusk, so the light was fading. We pulled over quickly at the start of Hockley Road, turned the camera on, and started to ride.

Unfortunately, the video on Mono Centre Road – debatably the more interesting road to drive – didn’t turn out so well because the sun had set and we were facing east.

The goPro Hero Standard Definition Camera definitely works better with a lot of light – I mean, a lot of light. Like a clear sunny day, at noon. (Check out the first few test videos at the end of this post).

Then again, I am using a standard def model that is two years old and they don’t even make anymore – I’m sure the new high-def models are much better. I’ll have to wait to get my hands on one to test it out …

First Video Tutorial: Changing Oil and Oil Filter

My first video tutorial: changing the oil and oil filter on your motorcycle. I shot and edited it myself so you’ll have to excuse the quality. Enjoy!

After searching extensively where to dispose of used motor oil I found this excellent site called Earth 911. You search what you are disposing of and where you are located and it finds the nearest disposal points. This link is for Toronto area motor oil disposal stations, but you can search for your location from their home page.