Africa Bike Week in South Africa: A reader’s story

Below we have a reader submitted story about the Africa Bike Week in South Africa, the biggest gathering of motorcycles in Africa. Gerald Young and his wife talk about their trip to the rally and submitted some fantastic pictures as well. Below is his write up of the event and pictures. He and his wife had quite an adventure on the ride over and back, so if you’d like to read the entire account, click here.

Hi Bucko and all the Sporty fans out there,

This is Gerald reporting from sunny South Africa again.

Well the Africa Bike Week has come and gone so I thought I could recap on how it all went down.

The Africa Bike Week is a Harley bike rally, targeted mainly at all Harleys in South Africa, held from the 28th April till the 1st of May each year, although it is open to all bikes, with many other types of bikes in attendance, including Super Bikes, so as I’m sure you can imagine the thousands of bikes in attendance.

The event was held in a town called Margate on the Kwa- Zulu Natal south coast  which is about 110 miles from Durban. The whole town gets geared up for Harleys and almost every shop it seems had Harley and Africa Bike week memorabilia for sale. The main beach road, i.e. Marine Drive was closed for motor vehicles and only bikes could drive along the beach front. Even the street and business names were changed for the occasion, such as, Harley Street and Tennessee street, The main Hotel, Margate Hotel, was changed to the Harley Davidson Hotel and was the Head Quarters for H.O.G. for the duration of the rally. There were also 2 stages set-up with live shows held and bands playing ear splitting music all day into the wee hours of the morning. Best of show bike competitions were held and the streets were packed with hundreds of stalls where HD dealers and HD clothing shops could sell their wares, but of course at  ridiculously escalated prices. The air had that fun fair atmosphere, and let me tell you, it was a ‘jol’

Harleys were parked on both sides of the streets and the roar from many Harleys was a sound you could never imagine. Even in the town itself and the outskirts there was constant thrum of Harleys going back and forth. It was  joyous mayhem!

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