Day One: New York City to Roanoke, VA

What a great way to start off the trip. In all we went through 6 states, starting off in New York City then New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and then Virginia. It was a total of about 550 miles over about 12 hours. Certainly the hardest part but also the highlight was Skyline Drive through the Shanandoah Mountains in Virginia. After 300 miles of interstate on I-78 and I-81 it was nice to get to the winding mountain roads. It was about 110 miles, which took us over three hours, but the driving was fun, the views were incredible, and we could not have asked for better weather. When we finally rolled into our hotel in Roanoke it was all we could do to drag ourselves and our packs to our room… only to find out that we were accidentally assigned the same room as the guests that signed in before us! Thankfully though it was all sorted quickly enough. Tomorrow some more scenic mountain roads when we enter the Great Smokey Mountains and attempt the Tail of the Dragon.

A side note for the day: I have finally named my new motorcycle: Eowyn, after the Lord of the Rings character. It came to me while listening to my iPod at the beginning of the day. Led Zeppelin came on on shuffle and I thought how appropriate considering that they have a few Lord of the Rings themed sings , particularly “Ramble On,” which is all about Aragorn. It seemed to fit nicely (at least the wandering part) and then the name of the bad ass Rohan princess who kills the king of the ring wraiths popped into my head. A little nerdy? Definitely. But still, I think, the perfect name.

About Bucko
developer @bcoin, former China expat, Bitcoin evangelist, Conservatarian, world record breaker, biker (leathers/spandex), hiker, a̶s̶p̶i̶r̶i̶n̶g̶ writer.

3 Responses to Day One: New York City to Roanoke, VA

  1. cryovac says:

    You’ve turned my old bike into the girl who doesn’t get the guy! Whew! Well, I never named her/him/it so she’s all yours now. P.S. tough news about Brent’s bike. Tell him to get a Harley next time – great support on the road. Try to stick with him. Get him rolling again.

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