Friday the 13th – Port Dover

Submitted by Bruce Lessard

Still on vacation after returning from the Tail of the Dragon, I mapped a trip to Port Dover from Toronto (113 kilometres) – QEW to 403 Hamilton and then Hwy 6 south to Port Dover.

Nice little drive from Toronto to Lake Erie (never been but heard about the friday the 13th ride). Arriving at sunset I must have passed a couple hundred bikes leavin town. Camping was not a problem and thats where the partys at – as well as downtown.

Kinsmen Park provided camping for hundreds of bikers providing all you need: full bar, music and lots of good food.

Lots of washroom portables with hand washing stations and even shower facilities.

Waking up to country music at 7:30 it became quickly apparent that it was all about friday – half the campsite was already empty and nothin but signs of people packin up and leavin town.

But I can assure you, a good time was had by all.

Definitely recommend the trip and I’m sure I’ll be back next Friday the 13th.

Great party.


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