Long Island Ride: Orient, NY

This was actually the maiden voyage for me on my new ’05 Dyna Wide Glide, formerly my dad’s. My dad and I did this ride a while back on mother’s day (she was at yoga and wanted some alone time, so we were allowed) upon the recommendation of a guy at the dealership when we were finalizing the paperwork formalities.

It’s quite a nice ride once you actually get out onto the island. That’s the hard part as it can be a little tedious to get away from the lights, as it always is when you live in a city and you’re trying to get out to the nice roads. The route itself is very easy as you’re only following 2 roads for the most of it. First get on to Rt. 25 going East. You can actually follow this all the way out to Orient Pt. but it was a nice detour to fork left and follow 25A which took us to Port Jefferson, a little fishing town on the island. My dad and I ended up stopping for lunch here and turning back (yoga was almost over), but the road is supposed to only get better. Eventually 25A curves back inland  and joining back up with Rt. 25 again which takes you all the way out to the tip.

So, if you manage to get away with having a free day to enjoy the summer weather, make sure to get out there because there’s a great ride right in your back yard!

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developer @bcoin, former China expat, Bitcoin evangelist, Conservatarian, world record breaker, biker (leathers/spandex), hiker, a̶s̶p̶i̶r̶i̶n̶g̶ writer.

2 Responses to Long Island Ride: Orient, NY

  1. annie says:

    island etude

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