Manitoulin Island to Toronto via Chi-Cheemaun Ferry

There is so much I want to write about but the weather is too nice – any free time I have I find myself on the bike.

This past long weekend we took a trip up to Espanola. I’ve written about this trip before so I won’t repeat myself, but we took a different route home – and what an awesome ride it was! We left Honora Bay on Manitoulin Island at 9 am on Monday and headed to South Baymouth where the Chi-Cheemaun ferry departs for Tobermory. The ride to South Baymouth was amazing – we took Bidwell Road which winds through some amazing farmland. Lots of turns and no traffic at all – this was by far the best road we drove all weekend.

Here we caught the MS Chi-Cheemaun ferry to Tobermory. I recommend reserving your spot in advance, especially on holiday weekends – we were very lucky to be the last two motorcycles let on for this trip, otherwise we would have had to wait 3 hours for the next trip. Leaving the ferry is an interesting experience – all the motorcycles are ‘first on and first off’ the ferry. As you sit waiting for the ferry doors to open the tension builds, and all the motorcycles are sitting waiting like chariots to enter an arena. As the doors start to lower you can see crowds waiting to see all the bikes pull out of the ferry – I really can’t describe how cool the whole experience is!

After the ferry it was a relatively quick ride down Highway 6 – which had some amazing scenery – through Owen Sound and then split off on Highway 10 down to the 407 and across to Oshawa – our final destination. All in all it was a fantastic trip, and we agreed that, regardless of the cost of the ferry ($18 per motorcycle, $15 per person), we would certainly take this route again instead of the long and boring Highway 400 and 69 up to Sudbury and Highway 17 across to Espanola.

We took a timelapse video of our trip from Espanola to the Swing Bridge on to Manitoulin Island and down to Honora Bay. You can see it, along with all our other videos, here.

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