Uneasy Rider

I just read a great article in the January 12th edition of the Wall Street Journal, that can be found here, about a man, Ivan Pisarenko, who has spent the last 5 years on the approximately 17,000 mile motorcycle ride from Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego at the tip of South America.

It’s a really interesting piece that details some of the adventures he’s had along the way, explaining how a tentatively 9 month long trip has turned into a more than 5 year odyssey. It seems he’s been through everything from get a drink bought for him by Mexican highway robbers to his motorcycle being confiscated by customs in his home country of Argentina.

Apparently, the trip has gotten more popular in recent years to the point where nearly 2,000 people a year attempt the journey. This story seemed to fit in well with Brent’s recent post about the Dumb Way Round. Enthusiasm for epic trips like these are really catching people’s attention, and with good reason too in my opinion. It kind of reminds of the Appalachian Trail that runs from Maine to Georgia in the U.S. There are thousands of people a year that attempt the AT, the longest, continuous, marked footpath in the world, where only 10-20% of the people are actually able to complete a full thru-hike. This Alaska-Chile trip seems to be gaining some momentum of its own, and, judging from Mr. Pisarenko’s stories, with new and exciting surprises of its own. Who knows, maybe Brent and I will have to give it a shot sometime!

Check out Ivan Pisarenko’s website where you can follow his trip, see pictures, and even offer up lodging to him! it’s called “America en Dos Ruedas,” which means, “America on Two Wheels” in Spanish. And to Ivan, just remember to keep the rubber on the road!


One Response to Uneasy Rider

  1. brent says:

    Very interesting story, and great post! Isn’t it funny – the people and the experiences that such trips produce! And who knows, we will have to give a trip like this a shot some time …

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