What are some of your favorite motorcycles?

There was an article in The Toronto Star’s “Wheels” section today written by Steve Bond (he won the 2010 MAX award for motorcycle journalism). In it Steve discussed some of his favourite motorcycles, and began the article by saying:

I get a lot of emails similar to this: “Hey Steve, I sold my Yamaha Virago 10 years ago but I want to get back on two wheels. I’ve signed up for a refresher training course but haven’t really kept tabs on new motorcycles. Can I run a few things by you?”

He winds up the article with his “Top five motorcycles of the last decade” list.

1. Suzuki 650 V-Strom: Introduced in 2004, the “Wee Strom” is all-day comfortable, economical, easy to handle and bulletproof. It might even be the best do-it-all bike ever built. With a 2009 list of $9,499 including ABS, it’s still a bargain.

2. Triumph Bonneville: The 865cc Bonneville has classic Britbike styling but modern mechanicals for under 10 grand. The Bonnie works well as a commuter, daily rider or, with optional bags and screen, a touring bike.

3. BMW F800 twins, the GS, ST, R and 650 GS: Great motor, just pick the pajamas that fit you best.

4. Triumph 675 Street Triple: If it had wind protection, it’d knock the V-Strom from top spot.

5. Harley-Davidson XR1200: Gorgeous bike that’s fun to ride.

But what are some of your favorite bikes? Is there a certain one that you’ve ridden since you began to ride? Is there one you’ve ridden once and yearned to ride again? I’d like to know …


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4 Responses to What are some of your favorite motorcycles?

  1. brent says:

    my favorite bike was a 2003 Triumph America, but I am quite happy with my 2003 Kawasaki Vulcan. The Vulcan is a pleasure to ride, quite comfortable (I drove 11 hours from Quebec City to Bobcaygeon in one day without serious discomfort), and easily customizable. The issue I had with the Triumph was the difficulty and expense of getting it repaired quickly, something you don’t really think about when you purchase your bike.

  2. Ben says:

    I’ve two. I miss my ducati 750ss. She was a dream to look at and to ride. I could just stare at her all day long, and how she carved the corners- sooooo flickable. But for a commuter bike not so much. 10 minutest to the freeway and I was in pain.

    My most favorite ever bike… My Suzuki TL1000s. This bike was INSANE. Totally rideable if you keep your cool. If I was feeling a little snarky, watch out! She was loud and fast. I could set off car alarms by blipping the throttle. And compared to the duck she was like sitting on a lazyboy. 125 horses to the 190 rubber…pure bliss! (the duck was something like 80 bhp)
    I guess I love naked btwin sports bikes. The sound, the low end power, the look…

    • brent says:

      That Suzuki TL1000 looks and sounds like a nice ride! The looks on those naked twin sports bikes is definitely killer … The Harley XR1200 blacked out is pretty sweet lookin, although I haven’t heard rave reviews about its rideability…

  3. Bucko says:

    It’s hard to not love the bike that takes you around and puts up with all miles and abuse you may put it through! So, I do love my Sporty 1200XL. Small enough Harley that it gets a really nice kick to it with that 1200 engine behind it, but big enough that I can do some pretty decent touring on it. I do like the look of that Triumph though. Would love a chance to try and ride one of those.

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