That time of year again: bike storage for the winter

WinterSadly, especially with living in Canada, with the last quarter of the year comes the tracking of the daily temperature highs and lows. I will typically put off storage until the cold really becomes unbearable and my Sportster starts to voice is frustration with being started up in near freezing temperatures, last year waiting until somewhere around the middle of November. This year however, a good opportunity for storage came up and I figured that with being busy with school and work, it was probably better to put the bike away.

A friend of mine clued me in to a very good deal for winter storage, and for anyone who lives in the Toronto area, I highly recommend it as well. SOAR Services offers winter storage until May 1st, pick up and drop off, as well as an oil change for $250. For me, that will work out to less than $50 per month and that’s not even counting the oil change and transportation. Their website can be found here and the phone number is 905-697-3174. The service is run by Ken McAdam. Definitely worth checking out. Of course, indoor storage is a very good idea and SOAR provides indoor, temperature controlled facilities with 24 hour security, much better then being left in a garage and certainly better than outside under a cover.

Now I guess I just have to bunker down for the winter and wait it out. Even though I just packed it away into the trailer this evening, seeing the empty space in the driveway is already a little difficult to bare. However, I told Ken that as soon as I started to see the temperatures holding steady above 5 degrees celsius, I’d be giving him a call!


5 Responses to That time of year again: bike storage for the winter

  1. Mary-Kate says:

    Brilliant, I’m calling SOAR. Poor Harley Quinn is lamenting her current situation of being left in the garage during the winters. I’d like to think we keep her comfortable but I’m no professional.

    I’m dreading the last ride. Despite the face-burning, hand numbing cold and frozen tears in my eyes from the bracing winds, I never want to store my bike.


    • brent says:

      not till there is snow on the ground.

      i’m riding almost everyday still lol.

      some people look at me like i’m crazy, and others tell me i’m crazy.

  2. Bucko says:

    Agreed! check out my latest post to see what I was willing to put myself (and my girlfriend :S) through for that last ride!

  3. Buck says:

    Yeah, no kidding. I’m jealous and really regret putting it away! Those were certainly the kinds of looks/comments we were getting in western NY between 7pm and 5am.

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