The season approaches …

Needless to say, Ontario motorcycle riders are getting anxious. I’ve already seen several motorcycles on the road (what are you, crazy?) but the weather remains too unstable to warrant breaking out the bike. This week has been particularly crazy:

On Monday the high was -9 degrees celsius (15.8 degrees fahrenheit). Friday it is projected to reach 11 degrees celsius (51.8 degrees fahrenheit). A 20 degree swing in 5 days! Unbelievable.

Anyways, I just thought I’d post a picture I recently came across online. It is a play on the “Little Red Riding Hood” theme. Thought I’d share it here!


Now I can’t find the original link to this so if you know please leave it in comments. Cheers!


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4 Responses to The season approaches …

  1. Laila says:

    What an awesome pic! Love the freaked out rabbits in the corner, good detail 🙂
    (Oh yeah, and the bike is nice too…… :-))

  2. John says:

    The closest I could come to the source for this image is this website:

    Unfortunately I don’t see any other identifying marks even on the large (1680×1050) image, and other searches turned up fruitless.

  3. brent says:

    thats great! thanks for looking and sharing! cheers!

  4. Alon says:


    I’m also looking for the author of this great pic…
    Have you found him/her by any chance?


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