Buffalo to Toronto

It was a great game at the Ralph Wilson Stadium, with the Bills beating the Oakland Raiders by one point – scoring a field goal with three seconds left on the clock. The highlight had to have been when my brother shouted out “Let’s go, Toronto Bills!” Some people laughed, a lot of people gave angry looks, and some warned us to “Take it easy”.

The traffic leaving the stadium is the stuff of nightmares, as is the line up at the border. An electronic sign indicated that the Fort Eerie Peace bridge had the shortest wait at 20-30 minutes. I shut the motor off several times and pushed the bike to reduce wear/emissions/waste gas while waiting.

I wasn’t far over the border when it hit me. “Our roads are in terrible condition,” I thought to myself. A lot of it had been ripped up to be repaved, but it seemed to stretch on and on, from immediately after the Peace bridge in to St. Catherines, and again on the 427 as well as the 401. Not only is it uncomfortable to drive on, it is dangerous at those speeds. Several times the front end of my Honda Magna started to shake in the grooves, like a mock speed wobble. I had to keep a close eye on the roads to anticipate the grooved pavement as for the most part they are poorly marked.

In the least, these areas should be better indicated, and motorists should be aware of the danger this grooved pavement presents to motorcycles and drive appropriately.

Instead of heading home I decided to go to my girlfriends place in Oshawa. So non-stop from the Peace Bridge to Oshawa, on about $10 worth of gas, I drove for four hours. Not sure of my average speed as my speedometer was still inoperable but I was keeping pace with traffic. And just as I pulled into her driveway, the low fuel light turned on. Gotta love it.


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3 Responses to Buffalo to Toronto

  1. Bucko says:

    Yeah, I’ve shut my engine off before waiting at the border. Once or twice for actually the entire wait (turning it on and off can use up more gas then just idling sometimes), also i agree about the roads coming into Toronto. Not only grooved pavement, but also of my whole cross country trip there were three huge bumps where I could almost feel my suspension bottom out… 2 of them were coming into Toronto. Not fun after already more than 950 km.

  2. beltenebros says:

    i recently got a fuel consumption guide from the ministry of natural resources, and one of the tips for fuel saving is to turn off the engine if you are stopped for more than 10 seconds (except in traffic).

    It reads: “It has minimal impact on the starter system, and idling for more than 10 seconds uses more fuel than it takes to restart your engine.”

  3. Bruce says:

    great story

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