Toronto, My first and only ticket! (Day 16)

September 5th

Well after almost 6000 miles and 3 straight weeks on my bike without any tickets or problems I woke up this morning with a yellow slip tucked into my bike seat. The normal place where I park my bike in front of my house had been filled up with boxes and junk from people moving in and out of the building. So I put my bike a bit down the street where there was a meter. I thought that would be fine since you’re allowed to park a bike in metered areas in T.O. without having to pay. Apparently, some traffic cop didn’t know this rule. Either that or the area is very poorly marked since there are signs at the other end of the block that say permit parking only without any arrows indicating direction.
The lesson to be learned (and Brent can vouch for this), fight every ticket! (and to traffic cops, read up on the motorcycle laws). I’ll post on the result of the ticket


One Response to Toronto, My first and only ticket! (Day 16)

  1. beltenebros says:

    fight every ticket!

    the bylaw states that motorcycles and scooters don’t have to pay in metered parking spaces (that includes ‘pay and display ticket on dash’ spaces) during the set hours. if the entire street is permit parking between certain hours, usually midnight to 6 am, any vehicle must have a valid permit.

    as to “posting the result of the ticket”, don’t expect to hear anything earlier than 9 months, if at all.

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