Williams, AZ to Cortez,CO (Day 11)

August 31st
Miles 3468-3800

No break from the rain today. Woke up this morning to a bit of drizzling on the tent, not too bad though so I was able to get ready and pack up without getting wet. Then I dropped my bike…

It actually wasn’t anything that bad as I was pulling out from the area where I camped onto the dirt road that led to the main road. There was mud on the side and as I turned onto the road my back tire slipped out. I managed to get my leg out in time but with the mud too slippery and the bags packed on, I couldn’t pick it up on my own. So I ran to the main road and flagged down a car. A fourteen year old kid and his mom pulled over and helped me lift up the bike. Other than mud caked on the left of side of the bike, everything was alright.

So it was off to the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, it was really hard to get any kind of a view. I tried several view points on the drive along the southern lip of the canyon and did manage to catch some breaks in the clouds but not much.

It was at the last view point, desert view, when it looked like I’d gotten a good view. So I parked the bike and ran over to get a picture when… my camera died. So I got my charger and some tuna for lunch and hunkered down in the cafeteria. Then the clouds came in and the rain really started. It was an hour and half before it stopped. It was just about as I was going to forget the view and ride in the rain when it stopped and I got a good, panoramic picture.

The rain held off for a while after that. There were some nice views on the way down from the canyon and I managed to stay dry. I highly recommed road 64 from the grand canyon to route 160. They’re scenic and leisurely drives without much traffic.

When you’re driving you have the opportunity to be able to ride out of a storm. Turns out you might also be chasing one. That’s what I realized was happening when I noticed the roads getting wetter even though I hadn’t been rained on. Then I finally caught up to the storm and couldn’t seem to get rid of it. Every time I stopped, the rain would slow then stop, and once I started on the road I’d be in the middle of it again.

Finally I got into a town called cortez. I started asking for hostels since there didn’t seem to be any tree cover to set up a tent comfortably. Then when there didn’t seem to be one, I asked about the price for the nearby campground and found out the price would be around $30! After that I found a motel that offered me a deal, $35 with no tax. After all the rain today I decided to take it. So shower and shelter today, sounds alright to me!

About Bucko
developer @bcoin, former China expat, Bitcoin evangelist, Conservatarian, world record breaker, biker (leathers/spandex), hiker, a̶s̶p̶i̶r̶i̶n̶g̶ writer.

3 Responses to Williams, AZ to Cortez,CO (Day 11)

  1. Carly Wyatt says:

    I’ve been sending links to people all week to come here and read your blog – I totally want to see the next post

  2. Bucko says:

    That’s awesome! it’s great to hear people enjoying the blog and it’s always fun to share your experiences with people.

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